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R.P.M College

A Constituent Unit of Patliputra University, Patna (Bihar)

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Action Taken and outcome of IQAC meeting

  • Finalize terms of the Red Cross MoU and establish collaboration protocols.
  • Analyze the implications of the New Education Policy and propose necessary adjustments to curriculum and pedagogy.
  • Implement resource optimization strategies identified during the meeting.
  • Plan and schedule departmental seminars and workshops for the academic year.
  • Organize induction programs and parent-teacher meetings to enhance student and parent engagement.
  • Expedite preparations for NAAC grading and accreditation.
  • Foster meaningful partnerships with external organizations like the Red Cross for holistic student development.
  • Align academic practices with the objectives of the New Education Policy to enhance quality and relevance.
  • Continuously optimize resources to maximize efficiency and sustainability.
  • Promote interdisciplinary learning and research through departmental seminars and workshops.
  • Enhance stakeholder engagement through induction programs and parent-teacher interactions.
  • Green army has been formed which is continously working in the college campus

The IQAC is dedicated to driving positive change and ensuring continuous improvement in all aspects of academic governance and quality enhancement at RPM College. We are committed to achieving our goals and objectives outlined during this meeting.