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R.P.M College

A Constituent Unit of Patliputra University, Patna (Bihar)

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Code of Ethics

Holding the helm of higher education of eastern region, Patna R.P.M College is pioneering, providing and promoting free and innovative education to women. For the implementation of quality education, the institution is strict towards code of ethics. Code of ethics applies to all faculties, Staff and students of RPM College, Patna City.  The principles are stated broadly in order to apply to students and teachers in various disciplines and their specific application may vary. Innovative academic atmosphere of the College invites & encourages students to produce highest integrity in terms of research works which are free from plagiarism and malpractice. We the staff of RPM College, Patna City hold that our profession as academicians entails an unqualified commitment to the pursuit of truth.  The institution promotes academic excellence with such ethical dimensions:
  1. Principle of Integrity, honesty, Justice and fairness.
  2. Value based personality development of students, teaching staff & Non teaching staff.
  3. Inspiring students to serve society and increase ethical values
  4. Students as well as teachers avoid unfair means and malpractices in their research work.
  5. Permission of the Principal must be sought to organize seminar, symposium, or any workshop in the campus
  6. In the event of the teachers / students attending / participating in any conference/ seminar/ workshop, permission must be sought from the principal highlighting the purpose of the visit.
  7. Library of the College is enriched and automated stocked with renowned journals & rare collection of books from different disciplines.