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R.P.M College

A Constituent Unit of Patliputra University, Patna (Bihar)

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Professional Code

R.P.M College is shaping the shinning future of its students. In this mission, the institute expects full cooperation from the students and support from their guardian. The students of college are directed to abide by certain code of conduct, rules and regulations:

  1. Classes start from 10:00 A.M and may continue up to 3:00 P.M on all the six days of the week. Students are advice to come to the college timely and regularly to attend classes. As per university rules 75%classes is mandatory to appear in the examination.
  2. Students must adhere to the Dress Code of the college.
  3. Every student is directed to carry her identity card.
  4. Use of mobile phone in Classrooms, Library, Labs and seminar hall are strictly prohibited.
  5. No guest or visitors are allowed with the  students in classrooms, library and labs
  6. Students are directed to maintain proper discipline.
  7. Students should strictly maintain silence in administrative building.
  8. Fee must be paid as per schedule.
  9. Unfair means and malpractice during examination is strictly prohibited. Any students caught adopting unfair practices are liable for immediate expulsion from the examination hall and proper action will be taken against her as per Patliputra University.
  10. Keep the campus clean and green.
  11. Use of polythine and alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  12. Students are strictly directed to save water and save electricity. It is necessary to switch off lights and fans when class is over. The water tap must ne close after its use.
  13. Extra curriculum activity is also necessary.
  14. All the students are advice not to take part in any types of strikes or dharna. If they have any grievance, immediately contact to the college grievance cell.
  15. Ragging is strictly prohibited. It is a punishable offence. Students involve in such types of activity are liable to expulsion from college and university. “Anti- Ragging cell” is formed solve such types of grievances.
  16. The college administration has all right to introduce any necessary change in Rules/Regulation/code of conduct at short notice.