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Minutes of IQAC meetings on 22.01.2022

A meeting of IQAC was held on 22.01.2022 principal Prof. (Dr.) Punam, IQAC co-ordinator and all the members of IQAC were present in this meeting.

The following points were discussed in the meeting

  1. According to the decision taken in the previous meeting the seven days computer training workshop which was held from 10.12.2021 to 17.12.2021 was also reviewed.
  2. Previous work was reviewed in the meeting.
  3. It was decided that such type of certificate course should be conducted in future aswell.
  4. It was also decided to conduct workshop and seminar on the topic of “Intellectual Property Right” and gender equity.
  5. It was decided to update the college’s website.
  6. It was also decided to sign MOU with Karosambhav and Bihar state pollution control board.
  7. There was a discussion about planting and maintaining medicinal plants in the botany department of the college and idea of pasting their botanical names on thatplants
  8. Discussion was also held on taking sent up examination of B.A I, B.A II and B.A III .

                            The meeting ended in a cordial atmosphere with a vote of thanks