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Minutes of IQAC meetings on 16-08-2021

A meeting was held presided by Principal Prof. (Dr.) Punam on 16.08.2021. in this meeting, due to the retirement of former co-ordinator Dr. Shahnaz Fatma in June 2021. New IQAC co-ordinator Dr Razia Nasrin was given charge.

The following points were discussed in the meeting

  1. In this meeting, the program conducted in corona period on online mode were reviewed.
  2. Successful development online program in collaboration with IIT Bombay.
  3. It was considered that along with offline classes, online classes should be also taught as per convention so that the students can get maximum profit.
  4. There was discussion regarding evaluation and accrediation of NAAC, after reviewing it, it was decided to bring it up to date so that further submission could be made.
  5. It was decided to organise  a workshop for all teachers and non-teaching staff in which all the criteria of NAAC could be discussed in detail and work could be done on it.

The meeting ended in a cordial atmosphere with a vote of thanks