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Minutes of IQAC meetings on 06-04-2023

The new Principal Prof. (Dr.) Asha Rani whose appointment was on the date of 06.04.2023 was felicitated in the meeting. After getting all the information related to the college, she reconstituted the IQAC .

The following points were discussed in the meeting

  • The importance of organizing departmental seminars and workshops to promote interdisciplinary learning and research collaboration was emphasized.
  • Departments were encouraged to plan and schedule regular seminars on relevant topics to enrich academic discourse.
  • Plans for conducting induction programs for new students and parent-teacher meetings to enhance communication and engagement were discussed.
  • Committees were tasked with organizing orientation sessions and facilitating effective interaction between parents and faculty.
  • The status of preparations for NAAC grading and accreditation was reviewed.
  • Committees responsible for documentation, data collection, and quality enhancement measures were instructed to expedite their tasks in preparation for the upcoming accreditation process.

The meeting ended in a cordial atmosphere with a vote of thanks.